You put what under it?

///You put what under it?

You put what under it?

Had a customer come in today asking for a sealant for a click lock vinyl floor. I asked the customer what he needed the sealant for since the flooring is marketed as being waterproof, no sealant is needed. Customer replied that the flooring wasn’t staying together and kept breaking apart at the click-lock point. I asked him if he made sure the flooring underneath had been checked for levelness and if there were any dips in the flooring. Customer replied that there weren’t any issues there. Asked them if they left a 1/4 inch gap from walls for expansion and contraction he said yes, i also asked if he used molding to hold down the edges he said yes he pulled up the thick baseboard and a overlap of half an inch over the flooring while still maintaining the gap needed for floating floors! So then my next question was did you use the recommended foam underlayment he said no. I said that may help with the issue. Was a bit curious so i asked him what was under the flooring either it was concrete or some form of wood. His reply was a no (i was a little surprised at this and decided to ask him one more question). I asked him what was under the vinyl plank flooring, his response was a CARPET AND PAD! Seriously! I asked him you have a rug and pad underneath the flooring and you wondering why its not staying together, “perhaps ripping up the carpet and pad will solve your problems! He looks me in the face with this incredulous look like I’m bat shit crazy. And proceeds to ask me again if i have sealant to hold the vinyl plank flooring together! I asked him “sir there is no sealant you can use to hold them together over a substrate that will move constantly whenever the air moves or you walk on it.” Customer walked away and saw them talking to the guys over in paint for an adhesive to hold the material together!

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