Literally just had a guy leave his cart and walk out pissy because we didn’t have an item.
Pissy Guy (PG) – “Where is your fake grass stuff?”
Me – “It’s on the back with the carpets, however it is only the thin plastic-y stuff, the thicker stuff is in outside garden.”
PG – “No no not the thin sh** the good stuff for like $1.59 a foot!”
Me- “Nope, only one that I have back here is the thin stuff for around $0.50. per foot”
PG- “I only came to Lowe’s because I SAW THAT YOU HAD IT THE OTHER DAY!!” *at this point the dude is quite flustered*
Me- “You very well could have seen it at A Lowe’s, just not this location. I am the smallest store in this area and there are quite a few things that other locations have that I do not have space for. We do have some thicker pre-cut pieces out in Outside Garden by SynLawn.”
PG- “WHATEVER.” *at this point he walks off and throws his cart down the aisle*