Backstory: One paint associate just quit, one was fired, and two are on vacation. Needless to say, paint is a little understaffed right now. Yesterday morning there wasn’t anyone in the department until 1pm. I was trying my best to cover it, but my product knowledge in paint is spotty at best.

Custmer: I need CRACKLE… it’s the stuff you put in cracks and then paint over it.

Me: Oh, do you mean spackle? I can show you where that is.

Customer: NO, I want CRACKLE. Ya know, you it puts a finish on the paint that looks like its cracked (completely different than his first explanation).

Me: Oh, I haven’t heard of that product, but I will look it up and find it for you. Sorry, we don’t have anyone in paint this morning, but I’ll do everything I can to help you out.

Customer: (Yelling pretty close to the top of his lungs) I DON’T GIVE A F*** IF THERE’S NO ONE IN THIS DEPARTMENT. I ASKED YOU FOR SOME S***, NOW SHOW ME WHERE IT IS.

Me: (after pausing a few seconds and staring at him incredulously) Sir, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Just let me look it up on my ipod here.

Customer: This is f****** bull****. You should know where everything is.

At this point I’ve found it in the ipod, so I just start walking and motion for him to follow me. I’m too angry to say anything to him. I point out the product he wants, say “There it is, have a nice day sir” and start to walk away.

Customer: Thanks, you’ve been veeeeery professional (said as sarcastically as possible)