I’ve had two customers (among many) that seriously baffled me in the past two weeks or so. Example A was a man who called me asking if I had a certain Prego in-stock. I come to the conclusion that it’s well over 10 years old and no I don’t have it, nor does anyone else, anywhere, at all. Later that evening a coworker finds me stating they have a customer with questions about a laminate they need, but can’t find because it’s pretty old. I knew immediately that it was the same customer from the phone, although he denied this. He had two pieces of Pergo laminate flooring that was tongue and groove. I exclaim that this is old enough that they don’t even make it that way anymore and I have never had something like it in store. He and his wife insist they bought it here “just a few years ago”. Turns out a few years was actually buying some in 1999 and more in 2001. This was well before my store even existed, but I just said, nope I can’t get it and suggested Lumber Liquidators while they walked away mumbling about trying HD.
Example B was just a peach. Customer had an engineered hardwood install, was a really pleasant guy, everything went smooth, it was great. Until he called last night, yelling about how there was a “mark” on his new Pergo floor. He said he had tried plain water and a little dish soap and it wouldn’t come off and he wanted to know what to do. Keep in mind, this install was done over a week before he called. I asked if it was a manufacturer’s defect and he said no, it was just that the floor was dirty. I went on Pergo’s website to look for cleaning tips and said that they really suggest a specified hardwood/laminate cleaner, but also recommended using household vinegar diluted. He came back with a very angry, “Well what if the vinegar doesn’t work.” I recommended the Bruce hardwood and laminate cleaning kit as it was safe for his floors, and a lot of people had good reviews about it. He went off on a complete tirade on the phone about how this was ridiculous and he paid for installation and he didn’t want a cleaning kit and if the vinegar didn’t work someone would HAVE to come out because this is just unbelievable. I bit my tongue and, instead of telling him that we were not responsible for him not cleaning his own freaking floors, told him that he did have a year labor guarantee through Lowe’s if he insisted that someone needs to come out because he couldn’t get the floor clean… I just..I can’t even.