You can load it yourself

///You can load it yourself

You can load it yourself

I was the department manager for lumber and building materials… and use to be in flooring. When we had customers like this we would tell them, we only load nothing else. If they want to put plastic down for us to put the bags on top we can, other wise they have to load it them selves. This also included when they had to much weight for their vehicle. They had to load it and break their vehicle. On this note I loaded a guys Porsche SUV and placed the bag on his beach towels he put down…(later found out he didn’t clean them and wife used them at the pool..Laughing roll) when it was loaded down, we told him we wouldn’t load anymore, which he finished putting in. 25 bags total. He drove off with the tires rubbing the wheel wells. we could hear his bearings and axel give a 1/4 mile down the road…

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