Had a funny call yesterday
Me: Flooring, this is Kevin, how may I help you?
C: Yes, do you carry hot glue guns?
Me: Yes we do those are in hardware, would you like me to transfer you over to them?
C: Wait I have one other question. Do you carry paper shredders?
Me: No ma’am we don’t. You might try an office supply store for something like that.
C: Well why would you carry glue guns but not paper shredders?
Me: Well hot glue guns can be used in numerous home improvement projects but paper shredders are more of an office product.
C: I’m going to use the paper shredder at home so why wouldn’t you carry it?
Me: Ma’am we don’t carry paper shredders. I’m sorry. Would you like me to transfer you to hardware for those glue guns?

Why keep asking me why we don’t carry them? We don’t carry them….end of story