Customers asks “Where’s your shelves?”

Me: Do you need wood, Floating etc?

No, tile!

Me: We have a Corner Caddy, and a Soap Dish…

“That’s what I mean, a shelf, you shouldn’t correct me (Loudly).”

Me: Ok they’re right down here (Lead him to the Bay).

How to you install it?

Me: I explain various adhesive’s to use…

Cutting me off, “I know all that, how long do I have to hold it in place?

Me: Get some tape….

Cutting me off again, very upset, “I said how long do I need to hold it?”

Me: Get some tape and…

Cutting me off once again, “You people are idiots, all I need to know is how long to hold it up, and keep talking about tape!” Storms off, Me: And you have a nice day.

It’s been 2 days, I’m wondering if he is still standing in his shower still holding the “Shelf”.