Phone call from yesterday – Customer ordered some of the new SOS Mosaic on 9/8 Direct Delivery

Her: “I was just checking on the status of my order”

Me: “I left a voicemail regarding the status. It has been pushed back to 10/23”

Her: “You said 9/18. Why has it been delayed a month and what are YOU going to do about it?”

Me: “Ma’am, this is due to our vendor not being able to get the product to us on time. It has nothing to do with Lowe’s or our individual store. We can only wait on the vendor.”

Her: “So, can I just get it from you quicker?”

Me: “No. You placed it under Direct Delivery and regardless of delivery options, the vendor will not be shipping the product out any sooner.”

Her: “Sooo…what are you going to do about it? This is completely unprofessional and unacceptable on your part.”

Me: **Wondering WTF?*** “Ma’am, as I told you, this is per the vendor. The company that Lowe’s purchases the product from is unable to get it to our store..or any Lowe’s store until a later date. Our store, nor Lowe’s is able to anything about your purchase. I’m more than willing to touch base with the vendor every 3-5 days for you to see if we can get the process sped up.”

Her: “I wanted this by the 18th and you said the 18th. Why would you lie to me? I’m just gonna call Amazon and have them send it instead.”

Me:**Ready to be off the phone** “I didn’t lie to you ma’am. I showed you when you purchased the 10 day lead time. The vendor notified us of the delayed time. I then called you to inform you. You called me back. We are all caught up. If you feel the VENDOR’S (yes I emphasized this to her) delay will cause a problem, I can assist you with a return on your purchase.”

Her: “Well, I need to call Amazon. But, if I return my purchase…I want you to include because it was unacceptable by you.”

Me:**Rolling my face across my keyboard** “Just let us know ma’am. And I’ll be sure to include the vendor’s delay being the reason. You have a nice day!”

Her: “I’ll let you know…Bye!”

Never called back and order is still in system