This is false advertising!

///This is false advertising!

This is false advertising!

Had a lady flag me over to home org about 2 weeks ago. She has a plastic shelf kit in her cart.

C: “Is this what I have in my cart?” *points at label on shelf

M: *Compares item numbers “Yup, they are both item 356527. Its the same”

C: “Well the package says its 34″W by 14″D which will work perfect, but the label says its 16″D, which wont work”

M: *Pulls out tape measure and measures it “So its actually 34 3/4 by 14 1/2. Must be a misprint on the label.”

C: “So is the price correct?”

M: *Scans “Yup”

C: “Well then I’m being ripped off! You are charging me for 2 inches that I’m not even getting! That’s false advertising!”

M: “But ma’am, you said this is the size you need”

C: “That doesn’t matter. I should not pay full price! This is false advertising!”

M: *I see where this is going “Well, I’ll have a manager meet you at customer service to see what he can do for you”

I called him and let him know that a customer is coming up and wants to speak to a manager and told him why. Found out later he gave her 10% off. For the product that worked perfectly for her. Some people.

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