I had an encounter while working in Appliances (across the aisle from Plumbing). I’m standing directly under the Appliances banner. Guy comes over and asks for help by the toilets. I explain “I don’t know the department well but I can try to help.” He says, “I bought a Kohler toilet and need to replace the seat. I don’t see Kohler seats.” I tell him the ones he sees are what we carry. “That’s stupid.” I tell him he could contact Kohler if he wants the exact original. Again, “That’s stupid.” Strike two. I explain again these are universal but if he wants the exact one, Kohler should be able to provide it. “Those are Kohler seats. Can I open that box and see what it looks like?” I explain we can’t because then we’ll have to discount it. “That’s stupid. I’m done with this place. Let’s go” he says to his wife. “Have a good night.” I’m still waiting to see if it hurt my feelings. Not yet.