“Oh it’s an average sized room. Can’t you tell me how much it is for the average sized room? How long have you been working here? I’ll find someone who knows what they’re doing.” I love that. I’m covering Appliances today. Had a guy come in asking for a dishwasher with stainless interior. But he’s expecting to find that in the cheap ones. In my sarcastic tone I tell him he’s asking for a miracle or something. I don’t think he liked that comment. But then he asks for a particular Bosch dishwasher. I see it says we have two. So I say I have to verify that we have it when the inventory is that low. So he takes off to Lumber and I say if I have it, I’ll put it on a cart and have it waiting here for you. So naturally, we DON’T have it. He finally comes back and I tell him and he freaks. He looks at the entire Appliance department and says “Out of all this stuff, in this huge store, with all these appliances, you mean to tell me you don’t have it?” Nope. Answer is still no. But I tell him what other nearby stores have it – literally about ten minutes away since it wasn’t for delivery.