That’s not what I was told!

///That’s not what I was told!

That’s not what I was told!

Preface: We have a lot of our clearance laminate in a special buy spot in Seasonal for 1/2 off right now.

Guy: I need to speak to a flooring manager!

Me: I’m a specialist in flooring, can I help you?

G: *fiddles with phone to find a pic of the discount sticker he took*

G: I know this is already marked to half off but is that your best price?

M: Yes it is. It is a great deal right now.

G: *almost yelling* I know you can do better!

M: No sir, that is the best price we can offer right now.

G: That’s not what I was told!

*Guy then storms off angrily*

Really? Dude wants a “better” deal that 1/2 off?

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