That can’t be right.

///That can’t be right.

That can’t be right.

I’m still in disbelief with this customer. It happened over the weekend.

Me: How may I assist you sir?
Him: I could use half a brain*. How big are these display boards?
Me (confused): I think they’re 2ft x 3ft.
Him: That can’t be right.
Me: Hold on sir. (Retrieve tape measure and get actual dimensions)
Him: So how do they come they come up with the square foot price?
Me: (explains how the signage shows the width and length)
Him: Wait. What do you mean that each board is [width] by [length]? We just measured it!
Me: Sir, laminate comes in boards like this (points to box of laminate box beneath board)
Him: What?! You mean it doesn’t come like this? (points to display board)
Me: No sir.
Him: Well that’s a misleading!
Me: No sir. It’s to show roughly how the joints would look as well as the color
Him: You’re showing me this (points to display board) and selling me this (points to box). That’s misleading!
Me: I’m sorry sir
Him: Alright! Have a good one!

*Note: This should have been my first clue

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