Cust – So you have this sale on Prego (yes I know) where we can get it for .89 and 10% off.

Me – No you can get it for .89 for labor if we install. DIY people who install themselves will get 10% off.

Cust – That is not what your sign says right there. (points to sign)

Me – umm yes it does it say’s either one or the other.

Cust – so let me get this straight, if you guys install we don’t get 10% off we just get the labor for .89.

Me – yes

Cust – I have never heard of such a think HD is offering .89 and 10% off . (HD was offering the same as us one or the other)

Me – Ok,

Cust – what’s to stop us from purchasing then coming back to have you guys install it.

Me – what I wanted to say “Integrity”. What I did say was “then you will not be able to have the labor for .89 it will be 1.99.”