Just had a rough call….
M: Flooring, this is Mike, how can I help you?
C: How much is carpet?
M: That depends on a lot of things, like which type and color to begin with
C: I just need to cover a room that doesn’t have any carpet.
M:….. Ok…. do you need commercial grade, berber, etc.
C: what’s commercial? (I try to muster the brain power to communicate with such a bright individual and explain it best I can)
C: I just need a carpet like a cream color, how much do I need to cover this room?
M: …What are the dimensions of the room?
C: Probably about a 12 x 4
M: In stock I have stuff from .50 a sqft up to 1.98 sq ft, do you have a budget?
C: Nevermind, I’ll just come look my self.

This will be a fun clopen….