C: Hey I need some help. What kind of flooring can go outside that has alot of grip and waterproof?
M: The vinyl would be the best but will fade in the sun. Where are you going to put it?
C: Well, I need something with a lot of grip because my pig could not get up a ramp I had built for her.
M: Wat. (yes even the face)
C: Yeah, my pig hurt her foot trying to get up the 8 foot ramp I built her. I used old wood and it was too steep. I need to rebuild it to be 16 foot long and 4 foot high.
At this point I show the guy a few things but have no idea what is even. He finally wanders off to find other options. A few minutes later he comes back and says “Roll Roofing!!!” “This is perfect plus it will protect the wood.”
Moral of the story, if you need a pig ramp, roll roofing is the way to go.