My MOD’s reaction: “WTF?”

///My MOD’s reaction: “WTF?”

My MOD’s reaction: “WTF?”

Back in October I had a customer who was really in a hurry to have some smartcore floating vinyl installed. The style she chose was special order, but she wanted me to promise an install date. I told her that we would have to wait until ALL the product was here and acclimated at her house before the installers would call her to schedule the install. She found all this hard to comprehend, but I explained and re-explained 3 or 4 times, and I thought she finally understood. She paid, but the next day called back and asked what the labor charges were for. I explained that the installation had to be purchased with the labor charges at the same time, but she insisted that she now wanted a refund for the labor because she didn’t know when the special order would arrive and didn’t therefore know when the installation would be. So, I refunded the labor, but she still wanted the products. The following day she called me again and asked when the installation was going to take place. I told her that since she had asked for a refund, there would be nobody contacting her for the installation. She then railed on me and told me I had misled her. My MOD’s reaction: “WTF?”

Generally I find that 85-90% of my customers try to pin me down on an installation date. Most eventually understand after I explain why we can’t give a date, but a few have gotten adamant – “I want to talk to your manager.” It is great when the manager tells them the same thing.

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