Lowe’s is a bunch of @#*% crooks

///Lowe’s is a bunch of @#*% crooks

Lowe’s is a bunch of @#*% crooks

Just got finished dealing with an angry customer. His beef? His wife’s Nov. 1st contract (in his wife’s name, signed & paid for by his wife) was for $5000 & he had instructed her to spend $3000. So I said that I could explain every charge to help him understand how she spent $2000 more than “he” budgeted for. So first error in his math was he’d budgeted for 1000 sq ft. Job was 1308 sq ft. His second error was he hadn’t budgeted for pad. These two factors solved his $2000 mystery. So then he starts railing about how hidden fees & fine print (he did have $100 in removal of extra bulky furniture) wasn’t explained. Wasn’t explained to whom? I explained them to her (he had never been involved, in fact he’s just learning of these charges because he’s doing their taxes) – when I asked him about ‘fine print’ he said no one ever said anything about pad. Bull$h!+ and double Bull$h!+ – first of all, this was the SM carpet and pad promo (free labor w/ SM carpet AND SM pad) that explicitly said SM pad had to be purchased (nevermind that we won’t install PERIOD unless we install over new pad that we sell) and I explained the different pads and their benefits to his wife and her mother and second of all he freely admits that he wasn’t involved in the purchase of this carpet at the store level. ( “Not even there, that’s an important detail don’t you think” to paraphrase Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men) But the nerve of this guy to question a nearly three month old purchase that he wasn’t involved in (btw the install was flawless according to him) and then mumble under his breath leaving that “Lowe’s is a bunch of @#*% crooks” made my blood boil.

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