FREE detail was sold five days ago, measurement was done three days later, estimate completed the day after that, and customer came in tonight to pay for his install. So far, so good.
I show him the drawing, and he says, “I’ve built this one wall out four feet, so my carpet can be four feet shorter.”
Wanting to be perfectly clear, I said, “You did this after the room was measured?”
“Yes, and now I don’t need as much carpet.”
“Well, we’ll have to come out and measure the space again.”
“No. I don’t have time for that. This process (five days) has already taken too long. Just cut the carpet by four feet and I’ll sign a waiver.”
“Sir, we don’t provide waivers. Since the space has physically changed, it has to be re-measured.”
“Well, if they can’t measure it tomorrow, I’m going somewhere else.”
“The first availability my measurer has is this Monday between 11 and 12.”
“I’m out of town next week. I guess you just don’t want to sell me any carpet.” And he stormed out. Unreal.