I just want to pickup my order

///I just want to pickup my order

I just want to pickup my order

I got stuck at Customer Service for a few minutes on Wednesday and had an odd one; it was a first in my nearly 8 years here:
Me: Sir, can I help you?
Him: I need to pick up an order. She called and said it was ready.
Me: OK, what phone number would it be under? (he tells me, I look. Nothing.) Is there another number that it might be under by some chance?
Him: No, that’s the only number. He said she called and told him it was ready!
Me: Well, let me try something else. What name might it be under? (He tells me. It pulls nada). I’m sorry sir, but nothing’s coming up with any of the information you’ve given me. You don’t have your receipt or online confirmation by chance, do you?
Him: Why would I have any of that stuff? He said she called and told him it was ready. I don’t know why you can’t find it! (he proceeds to call whoever the person is who actually did the ordering. I wait through a terse 2-3 minute conversation.) He’s sure she said it was ready for pickup in the store in [different town, 45 minutes north of us].
Me: Oh, that explains it then! I can only see orders that were placed with THIS store. You’ll have to go there to pick that up, since that’s where it was ordered from.
He wandered off, muttering something about how he just wanted to pick up his order.

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