So…… this is the first time I have had something worthy of posting to this chain.

Some background info : I one of the flooring specialists here at 1558. I was up at customer service getting my returns when I answered the phone since it was a little busy. Was a nice lady(NL) on the phone with an…. interesting… question.


Me : This is Josh how may i direct your call?

NL : Hi there I have a question.

Me : Sure how can I help?

NL : Do you offer tea service?

Me : (A few seconds of stunned silence). I am sorry what was that?

NL : I need to know if you have tea service.

Me : (A few more seconds as I wrack my brain and the first thing that pops into my head besides steeping tea was T-Moldings).

Me : Umm do you mean planing down wood into a T-Molding transition?

NL : Yes

Me : Oh sorry we only have pre-made ones my vendors sell as retail

NL : Oh okay. Well thank you and have a great day!

Me : You too.


I can only wonder what would have happened if someone without any flooring knowledge had answered that phone…