You know those nightmare customers who put you through the wringer & avow never to come back to Lowe’s? But they do. One of our worst came in the other day & the other specialist sold her a detail for a carpet install. He then promptly went out sick. She came in Fri to choose carpet which I helped her with praying she wouldn’t bring up all her self-inflicted issues with her last installs. [So bad that the install company refused to deal with her anymore.] Had a time helping her chose a carpet; kept asking me the same questions over and over. I was exhausted by the time she choose a carpet. I had told her the other Specialist would work it up & call her [didn’t know he had called in–another issue around here, not letting us know when folks call in]. She called yesterday morning all irate because no one had called her. I tried to explain I was having to work it up & would call her. Well, she started in on me, arguing about the dump fee, would not believe me when I told her the sign says may be a disposal charge. [Had explained everything to her the day before] She brought up the past saying she didn’t want to talk to me because I “had made me buy way too much tile, it was heavy and I had to bring it back.” Told her I don’t MAKE people buy anything, I would have a manager call her with the estimate. Told our ASM for sales about her and had him call her with the estimate. [By this time I had an in-store customer here to finalize an install so she witnessed the store end of the conversation, said later she should have brought popcorn it was so entertaining] She put him through the wringer & even called him a liar and hung up. She called back later asking to speak to him and I transferred the call. Found out when I went to put the closed folder up {CPO starts next week so still under old way] and ran into 2 ASMs and the new store manager that she had pretty much put them through the wringer big time. One said to me “Didn’t I tell you not to sell anything to that woman again. When I heard her name the hair on the back of my neck stood up!” The store manager told her he would refund the detail fee and since she had used a credit card she wouldn’t need to come back to the store. I gather she has vowed never to set foot in Lowe’s again. Promise?