So, da otter day I get called off my break to help a customer with carpet.
I heard the Home Decor associate explain that we have 12′ and 6′ rolls for what he was looking at.

I come back
Me: “How can I help you?”
Him: “What size does this come in?”
Me: “well, we have it in 6 foot and 12 foot lengths”
Him: “which one is cheaper?”
Me: “that depends on how much you need and what cut size I would need to do.
Him: I just want to know what is cheaper
Me: Well, purely based on price per square foot the 12 foot roll is cheaper, but what size do you need?
Him: I don’t know, maybe 6′ by 8′
Me: Ok, because of Waste, the 6 foot section would be cheaper.
Him: What would the prices be?
Me: 30 bucks for the 12 foot roll, 24 for the 6 foot roll
him: Ok, which of those is cheaper
Me: Blink, Blink