We’ve all had the customer who really needs an act of congress to make up their mind. I had this one customer, went through four laminate reworks (I’ve had more, but this is a minor detail of the story). They of course eventually settled on… carpet, because they found the PERFECT color. I finally get them to sign.

I foolishly think it is all over.

I come in one afternoon closing-shift, and the install office is all huffy about an install that was just canceled. They and the customer are pretty upset, because I “sold them the wrong color”. I check my records. I look at the actual carpet itself, that the installers brought back to the store. Everything matches up. I call the customer, and inquire to what the problem is. Customer claims the carpet IS THE WRONG COLOR. Customer comes in later to prove my error.

He walks right up to the carpet sample, and says, “See, I want this color.”

Really confused, I explain to him, that IS the same carpet & color we ordered.

Flustered, he tells me how very wrong I am.

I invite him to go look at the carpet in the store, perhaps its just the lighting in the store.

“NO!” he responds, “the flecks in the carpet color go perfectly with my fireplace brick wall. The carpet you tried to install looks nothing like that! There are no flecks at all”

{ I blink in disbelief}

Me: “OH… you mean the STAIN on this carpet sample display. We ordered in a new clean sample display, but it hasn’t arrived yet.”


He responds, “That is the whole reason I went with this. Maybe we should do laminate instead”


At this point his wife chimes in (God bless her), “Well, we are not going to live here anyway, since we have just put the house on the market, I think this carpet will be fine.”

Me: (silently to myself) Thank you! There is a God! He does care!