Just had a customer blatantly lie to an ASM about what I told them about there laminate install. Customer had a detail done and thought the price was too high.(quoted for 2 bedrooms upstairs, 2 hallways,and a LR downstairs.) Came in on a Saturday and I just happened to be covering flooring. They decided to just do the upstairs bedrooms and the hall outside the bedroom that leads to a set of stairs. Asked me if the installer could do the stairs as well. I told her that the only way they could do the stairs is if they buy new treads and the installer would then have to glue the laminate to the treads and then take out the old treads and then install the new treads which would be extremely expensive. They decided to just buy the extra material and have someone do that part for them. Sold the install.

Flash forward 2 weeks and I was just pulled into the office and my ASM asked me what I told the customer about installing laminate on stairs. I explained to her what i told this customer. My ASM said that is not what the customer told me you told them. They said you told them the installer would just glue the laminate down on the existing treads. I looked at her and said who do you believe?

The customer was demanding they do the laminate on the stairs

Needless to say the customer lost in this instance…..